May 19, 2024

Running a small company is not an easy task, you spend every waking hour thinking about how to keep the guys working, how to make ends meet, keeping the customers happy, where the next job is coming from, suppliers, and any number of other items that pertain to running a small business.Blogging is probably the last thing that will occur to anyone running a small business. But most people do not realize that blogging and small businesses are a perfect fit.Today most people looking for any service or large purchase is going online. If they are not online to find out where to buy or comparing prices they are looking to find out who they are dealing with. A company blog is the perfect way for you, as the business owner, to make sure that your “electronic business card” is out there for them.Unlike having a website built, you can build a blog yourself with surprisingly little effort.A blog can be created and hosted for free. There are many places you can start a free blog, a couple of the more popular hosts are and few of the best things about creating a free blog are:- if you are not happy with the look or the layout, it’s easy to change. Simply select a new template for your blog and suddenly it’s entirely redone for you.- there are so many options (templates, widgets, plugins) available to help you quickly create the look that you want.- you have complete control over how quickly it gets set up, the content and who has access to it.Creating a blog allows you to announce any specials that you may be running, share milestones of the company and its employees, advertise your location to any local prospects and anything else you want to let the world know about you and/or your business.Blogging is your online advertising “and then some”. Giving a profile for each of your employees along with a picture will help make your newly found customers feel more confident in your company.A history of jobs that you’ve completed, or brands that you sell, a picture of your office building with your street address and phone number below it; all are personal touches that will help to make your blog stand out.A blog is an online extension of your small business.- Stay focused on your goals when you approach blogging, just as with any other area of your business.- Determine what information should be shared and how often.- Visit the blog each time something new is added to verify it is right.- Put a reminder on your schedule for when the next post is due.- Decide if you will write the posts yourself or delegate the task to someone else.Take full advantage of this advertising medium and you may find that the time spent blogging for your small business has helped take your business to the next level.